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Our Mission

To serve Baltimorians the best brunch experience they’ve ever had while celebrating life & family through our recipes.


Our Story

We are two young married entrepreneurs (Charles & Kristian Miller) striving to make ourselves unique by perfecting our craft and honing our talent while still willing to be taught. Myself having 7 years in of executive chef experience and running and operation of brick and motor with my spouse. I believe that we can benefit each other greatly when it comes to this due to the different intangibles that we both bring to the table in creating this partnership. We have what it takes, we are young , fresh, hot, and our brand speaks volumes. In addition to this our menu is unique, fun , and tasteful. 


We have survived many tragedies in these past 9 years. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Together, we've experienced riots, snowmageddon, heatwaves, Covid-19’s health pandemic.  On top of experiencing a devastating electrical fire that wiped out our entire business on 13,September 2021. We remain resistant. We remain a part of our community as one. we are part of what makes… Baltimore STRONG. 


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